Gold’s Horse Excellence – Premium Bio Organic Astaxanthin - Golds Horse Excellence - Luxury plant based Astaxanthin - Premium plant based Astaxanthin - High quality plant based Astaxanthin - Top quality plant based Astaxanthin

  Gold’s Horse Excellence - Premium Bio Organic Proteins - Golds Horse Excellence -  Luxury plant based protein powder - Luxury vegan protein powder - Premium plant based protein powder - High quality plant based protein powder - Top quality plant based protein powder  

Astaxanthin Bio Organic

The King of Antioxidants


Gold’s Horse Excellence - Premium Bio Organic Astaxanthin - Luxury natural Astaxanthin - Luxury vegan Astaxanthin - Premium natural Astaxanthin - High quality Astaxanthin - Top quality Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin Bio Organic is the world's most powerful antioxidant, unparalleled in enabling both slowing down muscle/joint inflammation and speeding up recovery, as the oxidative process accelerated by sports activity causes an increase in free radicals that literally strip electrons from healthy cells! Let alone in extreme performance!

When this happens, cells cannot breathe and absorb nutrients, they become oxidized, and on top of that, they become inflamed.

That's why we need the King of antioxidants: Gold’s Horse Astaxanthin Bio Organic takes care of cells by providing them with the extra electrons they need.

It also improves blood flow velocity, reduces heart rate during endurance performance, reduces lactic acid levels, increases power/endurance, improves recovery, and prevents joint/muscle soreness post-performance.


The 10 Clinically-Validated Benefits
of Natural Astaxanthin: 



The Most Powerful and Highest Quality
Natural Antioxidant: 


6000 times stronger than vitamin C
800 times stronger than green tea catechins
550 times stronger than vitamin E
75 times stronger than alpha lipoic acid
40 times stronger than beta-carotene
17 times more potent than grape seed extracts
Suppresses DNA damage
Alleviates sore joints and muscles
Anti-Aging (reverses external aging, wrinkles, sun damage)
Boost immune system
Helps blood pressure
Helps cardiovascular system
Prevents cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma
Reduces lactic acid



Athletic Performance and Evergy Levels


  Clinical Trial Results:
Improves power output by 15% and reduces racing time by 5% in
competitive cyclists / marathon runners / endurance sports in general
Promotes recovery from exercise 
Prevents muscle fatigue
Improves endurance
Increases strength
Increases grip strength in sufferers of tennis elbow by 93%
Decreases lactic acid levels
Decreases respiratory parameters during exercise
Helps prevent muscle damage and inflammation in elite soccer players
Effective in preventing exercise induced free radical production
Improves oxidative status in athletes
Prevents joint and muscle soreness after exercise
Decreases heart rate in athletes doing endurance training



Joint, Tendon & Muscle Support


  Clinical Trial Results:
Decreases C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels (key marker for systemic or “silent” inflammation)
Prevents muscle damage and inflammation in athletes
Reduces pain in rheumatoid arthritis sufferers
Decreases pain rate and pain duration in carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers
Improves grip strength by 93% in sufferers of tendonitis (tennis elbow) with reduced pain and improved mobility
Reduces joint and muscle pain in heavily-training athletes
In-Vitro Research Results:
Astaxanthin has been shown to support 8 different inflammatory response markers without side effects or contraindications



  Cardiovascular Support
    Eye Health
  Clinical Trial Results: Dose-dependently improves visual acuity
Dose-dependently inhibits LDL cholesterol oxidation Improves depth perception
Contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis Improves eye fatigue and helps prevent it
Improves blood flow rate Increases retinal capillary blood flow
Decreases heart rate of athletes when doing endurance training

Increases blood flow velocity to the eyes and
prevents eye strain

Improves blood lipid parameters Reduces blurred vision & eye soreness
Prevents eye dryness & diplopia (double vision)


  Skin Health & Beauty from within
    Brain Health
  Clinical Trial Results: Prevents age-related decline in cognitive function
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Improves psychomotor function in elderly subjects
Increases skin moisture levels Improves cognitive function in healthy middle-aged and elderly subjects
Improves skin elasticity and prevents skin sagging Improves marker for dementia in middle-aged and senior subjects and contribute to the prevention of dementia from aging
Reduces visible signs of UV-aging within four to six weeks of use Improves erythrocyte antioxidant status to help transport oxygen to the brain
Prevents photo-aging of skin and prevents UV damage Decreases mental fatigue and confusion
Improves skin conditions in all layers of the skin (corneocyte layer, epidermis, basal layer and dermis)  



  Immune System Modulation
    Fertility & Sperm Improvement
Improves a variety of immunity markers in eight weeks of use   Clinical Trial Results:
Increases the number of antibody-producing B-cells Improves sperm functioning and increases velocity
Leads to therapeutic improvement in patients suffering from auto-immune disease Improves conception rate in infertile men and also improves sperm functioning and motility in normal men without any fertility issues
Leads to increased number of T-cells Improves sperm quality and increase motility
Stimulates white blood cell counts Decreases reactive oxygen species in sperm
Dramatically reduces DNA damage May be used to decrease male idiopathic infertility
Raises immunoglobulin levels in healthy athletes  



Anti-Aging and Cellular Health


  Clinical Trial Results:
Skin Health and Beauty-from-Within
Eye & Brain Health 
Joint, Tendon & Muscle Health
Cardiovascular Protection
Immune System Modulation
Strength, Endurance and Energy
In-Vitro Research Results

Mitochondria protection
Prevention of damage to DNA
Profound inhibition of oxidation
Improves oxidative status in athletes
Safe & natural anti-inflammatory activity
Promotes recovery from exercise



ATTENTION: Artificial astaxanthin


Astaxanthin can be produced through artificial chemical synthesis. Sadly there is no legislative obligation to indicate which type of astaxanthin – natural or synthetic – a product contains. The only way to try to differentiate between natural and synthetic astaxanthin is the price of the product: artificial astaxanthin is cheaper.

There is a significant difference in the effects of natural and synthetic astaxanthin. Natural astaxanthin derived from microalgae is up to 50 times more potent than its synthetic counterpart. The effective and wide-ranging effects of astaxanthin have been documented only in studies using natural astaxanthin.


  5 Important Attributes differentiating Astaxanthin from other antioxidants:
    ADVANTAGES of Natural Astaxanthin
1 - Astaxanthin positions itself across the entire cell membrane and protects the whole cell Natural astaxanthin is obtained from living algae while synthetic astaxanthin is produced from oil derivatives
2 - Astaxanthin is never a pro-oxidant Has higher biological activity than synthetic astaxanthin
3 - Astaxanthin passes the blood-brain and blood-retinal barrier Is 20-50 times more effective than synthetic astaxanthin
4 - Astaxanthin binds to the muscle tissue Is safe and effective for use both in humans
5 - Astaxanthin is able to cope with up to 19 free radicals at the same time while most of other antioxidants with only one Synthetic astaxanthin has never been tested for safety in human use




Astaxanthin came to fame in 2011 when Oprah together with Doc Perricone revealed the miracle to the public on her TV show. Since then interest in Astaxanthin has skyrocketed. It has been called a miracle supplement by celebrities and world-class athletes.

More and more celebrities are testifying that they owe their good looks to Astaxanthin. In interviews, books and blogs supermodel Heidi Klum and actress Gwyneth Paltrow have not hesitated to reveal that Astaxanthin is the key to their beauty and have praised its effects. Pop icon Madonna says that Astaxanthin provides her with the strength and energy she needs to work out for several hours each day.

The Swedish Olympic ski team has been using Astaxanthin since 1995. Triathlete Tim Marr has called Astaxanthin his favourite tool in improving his athletic performance. Marathon runner Jonathan Liau affirms that Astaxanthin helps achieve better results despite age and removes the need for other dietary supplements such as glucosamine as it also ensures healthy joints. And the list could go on for hours…



The Science behind the Masterpiece:
Nutritional ValuesSupplements Facts


Gold’s Horse Excellence - Premium Bio Organic Proteins - Luxury plant based protein powder - Luxury vegan protein powder - Premium plant based protein powder - High quality plant based protein powder - Top quality plant based protein powder


 Exclusively natural Bio-Organic raw ingredients
 Extracted without chemical processes
 Without unwanted and harmful ingredients such as: sugars, anti-caking agents, gums, colours, flavors, sweeteners, additives, toxic chemicals (GMOs, pesticides etc..).



Be Exceptional!

There is no better feeling than feeling Your Best


Shop from our exclusive range of premium high-end , Bio Organic, all-natural supplements that will help you to Prepare, Perform and Recover at best and to live at the Top.


Gold’s Horse Excellence - Premium Bio Organic Astaxanthin - Luxury natural Astaxanthin - Luxury vegan Astaxanthin - Premium natural Astaxanthin - High quality Astaxanthin - Top quality Astaxanthin

Gold's Horse Excellence

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Golds Horse Excellence as seen on medias - premium high-end natural Supplements - Made for Winners


Golds Horse Excellence  - premium high-end natural Supplements - Made for Winners



What World Champions, Olympic Champions and elite Athletes
says about plant-based nutrition:

I do eat plant based and I think that’s one of the reasons why I recover well.
Novak Djokovic - Multiple time Wimbledon champion

People say, 'Where do you get your strength from? Answer: [Apes are] 20 times stronger than humans and they don't rely on a meat-based diet. They eat plants all day long. It's a myth that you need meat for strength
David Haye - British boxer with World Titles in two weight categories

These days I train half as much, do half as much but get better results. Why? Only one answer, going vegan, GMO free, and organic. My body is running perfectly.
The world’s strongest animals are plant-eaters: gorillas, buffaloes, elephants and me!

Barny du Plessis - Ex Mr Universe

My body has become lighter, so to say “cleaner”.. Flexibility and elasticity are incredibly important , and I increased both of these.
Alexey Voevoda – Olympic Gold medallist and World Champion




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 Gold’s Horse Excellence - Premium Bio Organic Proteins - Golds Horse Excellence - - Luxury plant based protein powder - Luxury vegan protein powder - Premium plant based protein powder - High quality plant based protein powder - Top quality plant based protein powder


*Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not use in pregnancy and children or for prolonged use without consulting your doctor. Gold’s Horse recalls the importance of following healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet. Store in a cool, dry place. Carefully close the lid after use.

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